Asian Nutrition Co., Ltd.

Asian Nutrition Co., Ltd.

Is the third subsidiary company, established on 19 August 1988, with registered capital of 800 million baht, in which the company holds 100 percent of the shares. Operates manufactures and distributes both sinking and floating aquaculture feed under its own trademarks comprising Asian Feed, Rambo, Super Hero, Hero, Victor, Allstar,Faster, Champ and Ruay Puan. The Company has an advanced laboratory and academic expertise to provide water quality analysis inspection, aquatic animal quality evaluation, food quality development, technique advisory for farming technique and solution for diseases in aquatic animals. The Company’s seven types of machinery for sinking feed pellet manufacturing have a combined production capacity of 60,000 tons a year and another one for floating feed pellet manufacturing with a capacity of 30,000 tons per year.

The Company’s main products consist of two major categories as follows:

  1. Sinking feed products are feeds for black-tiger shrimp and vennamei shrimp, Fresh water shrimp and sinking pellet for fish feed.
  2. Floating feed products are feeds for sea bass fish, nile tilapia, snake-head fish, catfish, frog, and crab.
Sinking feed products
Floating feed products

under the company's trademarks

Products under the customer's trademark (OEM)

Capacity is calculated as the finish goods weight
Sinking feed products


Floating feed products



Quality system
certified by the group of companies


ISO 9001: 2025


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP)


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)


TGO Guidance of the Carbon Footprint for Organization


Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP)

Other Important Information

Company's information
293 Moo 3 Petchkasem Road km. 180-181, Thayang, Muang, Phetchaburi 76130
Tel : (032) 473709
Fax : (032) 473708
Sumalee Reewarabandith
Certified Public Accountant (Thailand) No. 3970
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