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ASIAN realizes that employees are the most important
and valuable factor for success, progress, and steady growth.

"We do care of our employees"

Asian has many factories and offices with more than 5,000 employees. In Asian, there are opportunities for anybody who is ambitious and capable. Joining with Asian, will elivate quality of life along with sustainable organization development. Asian also improve employees’ performance so that one could be promoted along his or her career path. In Asian, employees are family members who are parts of any success the corporate could acheive.


Travel Allowance

Shift Allowance

Loan from provident Fund

Provident Fund

Position Allowance

Position Allowance

Annual Bonus

Shuttle Bus

Life, accident, health benefits

Social Security Fund contributions

Consumer stores

Annual health check-up

Annual recreational activities

The Company's dormitory


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Klong Toei, Bangkok
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