Aqua Feed

Growth with complete production and services

To be one-stop services that provide variety of products and services to full fill customer needs.

Aqua Feed Business

We are aquaculture feed producer and distributor under our own brands in both sinking pallet and floating pallet with modern laboratory and expertise to serve customers, such as water quality analysis, livestock quality inspections, including feed devopment and health issues consultancy sevice.

Business Goals

To be one of the top Thai manufacturer and distributor of aquaculture feed business whose products are suitable for different types of aquatic animals and provide health and water quality analysis, in order to support our customers to improve their farm performance and reduce volatillity. Expanded the business to produce shrimp larvae in order to expand its shrimp farmer customer base.

Our products and brands

Omega 3 & 6
Vitamin C & E

"Hero", black tiger shrimp feed product with 38% protein.

"Victor", a vennamei shrimp feed product with 38% protein.

"Allstar", vennamei shrimp feed product with 35% protein.

"Champ", fish feed product for herbivorous species.

"Asian Feed", aquaculture feed products

"Rambo", premium Asian Sea Bass feed product.

"Super Hero", premium Asian Sea Bass feed product.

"Ruay Puan", Asian Sea Bass feed product with 40% protein.

"Faster", premium Catfish feed with 30% and 32% protein variants.

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