Asian Pets Care Corporation Co., Ltd.

Asian Pets Care
Corporation Co., Ltd.

Is the fifth subsidiary company, established on 11 January 2018, with registered capital of 10 million baht, in which the company holds 100 percent of the shares. The Company are developing, marketing, and distributing pet products under its own brand under the strategies of Asian Group, including in investing to expand the pet food business under its own brand internationally.

Other Important Information

Company's information
742 Soi Kluaynamthai, Ardnarong Road,
Khlong Toei, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Tel : (02) 249-7113, (02) 249-5255,
(02) 249-9324
Fax : (02) 249-5256
Sumalee Reewarabandith
Certified Public Accountant (Thailand) No. 3970
EY Office Company Limited.