Responsible for Customers which are producing quality and safty products at competitive prices with traceability and continuously product research and development.

Product quality and safety

Customers always come first. So that Asian put all its effort to deliver international standards products in terms of product quality and safety.


Asian has efficiently provided a complete traceability for all products manufactured at all stages within the specified period, both in forwarding and backwarding forms. Traceabity could provide the information lead to vendors, raw materials lots, packaging, components delivered to the company.

Products Research and Development

As a OEM business, Asians focus on products research and development in order to serve customers’ need which will enable Asian and its customers to grow sustainably together. Asian positioning itself as “Co-developer”, not just a packer. This, so for, is Asian’s key strategy in the pet food and tuna business which will be developed in ready-to-cook frozen food business as well.